Why You Should Consider Keystone

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Why Keystone?


As a proud Keystone Dealer, we wanted to give you a few reasons why a Keystone RV should be your next one.


To start, Keystone RV is the number 1 manufacturer of towable RV’s in North America.  There are more than a million Keystone owners, and that makes up the largest camping family in North America!


When Keystone was founded in  1996, there was a clear goal to build great RVs that were loaded with innovative features and provided value to their customers.  It isn’t a stretch to say they exceed that goal.


From the colour-coded 12V unified wiring standard, to their Blade high performance air flow system, to the Tru-Fit slide construction, product quality and innovation is the top priority of Keystone RV.  Throw in some of the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, with some of the most stringent in-plant quality inspections, it is easy to see why Keystone RV is number one….and why Huron RV is proud to be a Keystone Dealer.

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