Welcome to 2021! A New Beginning

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Welcome to 2021!

And more importantly, welcome to our blog.  If you have been to our site before, you will know that this is a new part of it.  If you haven’t been to our site before, we couldn’t be happier to have you join us.  At Huron RV, we believe in treating you, our customer, the way we’d want to be treated if we were your customer.

We really want you to see what a difference there is with a small town attitude.  From our selection to our prices, Huron RV wants to provide you with the best possible experience when looking for a new or quality used travel trailer.  We also extend that to the service we provide at our dealership.  That’s why our customers call us the best RV dealer no matter where you are in Mid-Western Ontario.

But that isn’t enough for us!  We are focused on making families happy with their RV.  So we’ve decided to provide you with this blog where you can look forward to learning more about us, and about RV’ing in general.  The RV Lifestyle can be a very enjoyable way to explore your backyard, your country and beyond. 

When you think of RV’ing, we want you to think of Huron RV!