Introducing the Keystone SolarFlex Panel System

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Did you know that almost all of the RVs coming into Huron RV are now coming with rooftop factory solar panels?

We will be taking some time today to explain what that means for you and your camping experience.

So what does it mean for you?  First off, it is important to note that solar does not power your RV.  What it does is replenishes energy to the battery banks that has been expelled, using energy that is converted from the sun and stored.

The SolarFlex(™) 200 base system will maintain and refill your RV’s battery so that you can operate 12V systems with less fear of depleting and having to replace your battery.  Think of it as an investment that will protect your battery and also keep voltage-sensitive components operating efficiently.

Having a solar system connected to your RV allows you to confidently operate a lot of components, including water pumps, slides, stabilizers, lights and some refrigerators when you are connected to power at your site.

And this is just the starting point!  The SolarFlex (™) 200 is designed to be easily customizable as your solar needs change.  Components purchased through an authorized Keystone Dealer, like Huron RV, are under full warranty!

If you want to know more, or are ready to take the step, come check out our inventory and talk with us.  We can be reached at 519-440-6624, by email at or through our website

We look forward to hearing from you!