Camping Food

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A couple days ago, we posted a picture of a campfire and asked you to forgive us for dreaming.  I can assure that dreams are all that have happened since then.  Particularly food.  And even more specifically, camping food.

The great outdoors can be a wonderful experience, and what goes best with the outdoors?  Food!  Nothing beats a meal cooked over an open fire.  Especially dessert or snacks. I mean, who doesn’t love roasted marshmallows?  

Speaking of marshmallows, do you prefer your burnt or do you strive for the perfect golden brown?  I remember as a kid purposely lighting the marshmallow on fire and pretending it was a torch.

But camping snacks go way beyond just marshmallows.  From S’Mores to banana boats to pie irons to spider dogs, the possibilities are endless 

We plan on sharing some of our favourite recipes here in the future, but in the meantime, we want to hear some of yours.  Maybe, your favourite recipe will be featured in this section for other campers to try for the upcoming season.

Engage with us on our social media channels and share your favourite recipes.  We’d love to hear from you!